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POLL: Who is the Face of the Twins?

Vote in the poll below to let us know who you think is the Face of the Twins for our Face of the MLB tournament.


Can Sano pull it off?

The Minnesota Twins elite prospect Miguel Sano has sky high expectations for the upcoming season. Sano, Minnesota’s future 3B, is one of the top power hitting prospects. He recently stated that he expects to hit 45-55 homeruns. Now keep in mind that Sano did hit 35 homeruns in 123 minor-league games last year, but the minor league is different in many ways from the major leagues. For instance, better pitching and better fielding. Last year in the MLB, there were a substantially larger amount of homerun robberies. So, could this change Sano’s mind about his expectations? Or could the fact that Sano is battling an injured right elbow impact his expectations? The upcoming season will only determine if Sano lives up to his tremendous expectations.