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POLL: Who is the Face of the Rangers?

Vote in the poll below to let us know who you think is the Face of the Rangers for our Face of the MLB tournament.


Prince of Texas

Adrian Beltre, a future HOF 3rd basemen, has already come out and told the media that Prince Fielder, whom the Rangers acquired early in the offseason, would win the 2014 MVP.  Although Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis are still out there and should produce, Fielder has a good chance of an MVP.  The reason?  Adrian Beltre. You have to pitch to Fielder with Beltre behind him.

Cabrera (DET) has Torii Hunter to back him up. The reason you can’t use the same argument for Cabrera is that Hunter doesn’t have the same power as Beltre, so you could intentionally walk Cabrera, back the infield up, then let Hunter hit.

While Davis has Jones behind him, we don’t know if last season was just a fluke or not. He was not a headlined player before 2013, but quickly became a household name.  You don’t know ifhis performance last season was a fluke or if Davis really has improved that much.

Fielder, we know, puts up big numbers.  In his eight year career, he average 35 home runs, 107 RBIs, and a slash line of .286/.389/.587 a season. Fielder will likely continue to produce at this same consistency, with the addition of Shin-Soo Choo in front of him and Adrian Beltre behind him.  Could this be a title year for the Rangers?