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POLL: Who is the Face of the Athletics?

Continuing our Face of the MLB tournament, let us know who you think the Face of the Athletics is by voting in the poll below.


The Most Underrated Team in the MLB

The Oakland A’s are by far the most underrated team in the MLB they’ve won the AL West in each of the past two years, yet everyone thinks the Texas Rangers are the best in the division. The A’s get players that most teams aren’t interested in such as Coco Crisp, Eric O’Flaherty and Jim Johnson. Most of the players they aquire end up being big stars, in 2012 who had of Yoenis Cespedes, and now look at him. If you’ve watched the movie Moneyball you probably know that Billy Beane is the best GM in the league far, he trades for players that no one else sees the hidden potential in, in 1999 he traded a relief pitcher for Johnny Damon and in 2002, Damon signed a contract worth almost 30 million dollars with the Boston Red Sox. The Oakland A’s lose stars to bigger teams every year and have almost a completely different team the next year, but they still win. When The Rangers traded for Prince Fielder that wasn’t a good trade, Ian Kinsler was a better defender and hitter, Prince Fielder has more power that’s it. I predict the A’s will win the AL West again this year, making Rangers fans hate the A’s even more. All the big money teams like the Yankees, Angels, and Rangers just get big names instead of trying to find the hidden potential in the players. Personally, I think the Oakland A’s have the third best roster in the league, because of the amazing trades made by Billy Beane. Long story short, the A’s will win the AL West again this year.