The A-Rod Saga

So, I suppose this post has been inevitable.  The A-Rod Saga.  Possibly one of the most talked and [one-sided] argued about subjects currently.  As earlier posted, Ryan Dempster was suspended and fined for throwing at and hitting Rodriguez… as pointless as the suspension is (seeing as he will not miss a start), is it worth it?  If he had hit anyone else besides Rodriguez, would he have been suspended?  Why is everyone so dramatic about the Dempster incident? Is it the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry?  Is it just because it’s A-Rod, that the MLB feels they need to partially “defend” him so that every pitcher/team doesn’t take a couple of free shots at him?  Why is there all the hype about this, yet no one ever talks about Stephen Strasburg hitting Justin Upton and throwing at Andrelton Simmons? What about the Braves plunking Bryce Harper THREE times?  Why weren’t suspensions dished out for those?  It was just as “cold-blooded,” and even if not, it was an intentional knockdown.  So now the MLB isn’t looking too good, picking and choosing who they suspend for doing the exact same thing.  Enough about the hate on A-Rod.  Let’s talk about just A-Rod.

How do you feel about the fact the Rodriguez sould technically be suspended?  Don’t answer that, we already know.  You gotta believe that even Yankees fans are starting to get sick of him.  I mean seriously!  Why would ANYONE like A-Rod… Yankees fan or not?  Did you know that he is suing the Yankees doctor for malpractice.  C’mon.  Why would you sue possibly the only thing standing behind you in all this drama?  Use your head, Alex.

Here’s some insight from Alex Rodriguez on being hit by the pitch:

“Whether you like me or hate me, that was wrong.  It was unprofessional and silly.”

You know what else is wrong, unprofessional, and silly, Alex?  Cheating.  Steroids.  Lying.  Did you ever think of that?  Probably not.

Now here’s the big question: Why?  Why, why, why?  You were the top-ranked prospect of your time, and you had great potential.  And sure, you’re going to (and have) mak/de up a million excuses as to why.  But nothing you say will change your case.  You’re still just same-old lying, cheating, steroid-using Alex Rodriguez.

Did you know that a couple of months ago in April, Rodriguez actually declined a suspension including “way, way less” games to make for a better fight?  Rodriguez is outrageous.  Oh and he also paid for Tony Bosch’s lawyer.  Gotta love/hate A-Rod.  If it were up to me, I personally think it would be great if every team just plunked A-Rod once or twice a series.  Hey, Strasburg and Tehran weren’t suspended, so why would other pitchers who plunk A-Rod get suspended?

Anyways, feel how you want, but I think most of us feel the same way.  But I think it all comes down to the ridiculous fact that A-Rod was handed a suspension, yet will most likely play out the rest of the season because the courts won’t get around to hearing his appeal for a while.  None of this would happen if he simply went along with the 20-some-odd other players who just accepted their suspensions and knew what they did was wrong.

That’s all I have to say.  Please comment how you feel about this who A-Rod Saga.



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MLB Replays and Challenges

As many of you most likely know, yesterday, the MLB came out and informed us that, starting 2014, there will be expanded replay as well as 3 challenges per team per game.  This is a very controversial decision.  On one hand, there will hopefully be less blown calls, such as close calls at bases, traps/catches, home runs, etc. (Although, there will be no replay on balls/strikes)  There have been numerous questionable calls this season, which very well could have been the reason for this.  There was a home run that bounced off a stairway and back onto the field, rules a double.  There was Daniel Nava’s play at home where he was called out in the bottom of the eighth, costing the Red Sox the game.  On the other hand however, blown calls are part of the game.  They go both ways, and have always gone both ways.  Sure, they may give a team an extra run, possibly a game.  But that is what the point of umpires are.  First, the MLB comes out with expanded replay.  Who knows what’s next? Regulation sized baseball fields? Heck, why do we even need umpires? Let’s just put an umpire in a booth, feeding the results in an instant back to the field, ruling the call.  You know what, why stop there? Why not just rule the strike zones with those Amica strike zones.  They seem to be what are used in arguments about balls or strikes from fans sitting at home. (Oh, theres a blown call right in front of my eyes… sitting here watching the Sox, Napoli just stepped off the bag before he received the ball from Pedroia.  Maybe replays and challenges aren’t so bad afterall) Anyways, I suppose that expanded replay will overall help.  But seriously… coaches challenges? Three of them?  What is this, the NFL?  There will always be those few people, oldtimers, complaining about this with theirBack in my day…”  It’s a new generation, people.  Wake up.  Let’s look at how the pros feel about it:

First from Bob Melvin:

“So, if someone’s watching it and is on top of it and has the use of replay very quickly, that certainly doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me,” says Melvin, who admits he used to be against replay.”

An now Joe Maddon:

“I just don’t like the idea that the earlier part of the game is considered less important,” he says. “I know we’ve lost games in the first inning. You can lose games in the second inning. I don’t know if that’s something based on research that there are fewer umpire mistakes in the first part of the game than in the latter part of the game.”

So take it as you choose.  No one is perfect, there is never the perfect solution to anything.  The MLB is only trying to improve themselves… except in Bud Selig giving A-Rod a ridiculous suspension.  I mean seriously! But that’s a whole other story.  We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so please leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!



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